The Winery

The DIGENAKIS winery is located in the middle of P.D.O. Peza, Crete’s largest wine-producing region, 20 km far away from the center of Heraklion and only 10 km from the Knossos Palace.
The DIGENAKIS family has created a modern and attractive place that is not only limited to producing excellent quality wines but perceives winemaking as a vital part of a more collective culture, aspiring to interconnect it with other forms of cultural expression such as music, painting, poetry and literature, dance and theater.

The operation of the excellent in terms of infrastructure winery is marked and given meaning by the presence of artists in a cultural space warmed by their work. At the same time, it aims to accommodate younger artists thus helping to highlight their work, in an effort to become an aesthetic reference to the cultural activities of the region.

The paths of wine tasting quietly sprout from an organic artistic substrate, which shapes and colors a new process that is now becoming more complex and possibly necessary, since it is no longer confined to a narrow object.
Alternating troupes or independent artists find refuge for their work in an area that brings the untouched urban element to the nearby rural region.